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Update Metropolis Builders Update! (+ Tags!)


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Introducing the Metropolis update!

  • Nametags - Type /tags to select a roleplay tag from 17 tags, each tag costs about $10,000 that you can get by voting!
  • Builders Utilities - A coveted builders tool that allows you to:
    • Toggle iron-trapdoors
    • Selectively break top or bottom slabs
    • Shift-right-click to rotate terracotta blocks along the axis you select
    • Toggle night-vision to see clearer in the dark
    • Clip through blocks for easy interior/exterior building
    • Use advanced fly for greater accuracy and control while building
    • Advanced manipulation commands:
      • Better deformation commands:
        //scale [size] - Simplified deform scaling command
        //derot [axis] [degrees] - Simplified deform rotate command
        //twist [axis] [degrees] - Simplified deform twist command
      • Command shortcuts:
        //1 > //pos1
        //2 > //pos2
        //c > //copy
        //s > //set
        //f > //flip
        //pa > //paste
        /ws [speed] Set walk speed
        /fs [speed] Set fly speed
        //cub > //sel cuboid
        //con > //sel convex
  • Fly speed - Change your fly speed with the press of a button and the click of a mouse! (Press F to open the menu, then click a feather to change your fly speed!)
We hope you enjoy this update.
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Shuot had told me that /myhead and /skull would be coming in a future update, so is this that update or will the next one include a way to get player heads?